The Art to Creating an Eclectic and Stylish Mantelpiece

The Art to Creating an Eclectic and Stylish Mantelpiece

Creating a home that exudes charm and character can be a really fun and exciting part of your life journey. An eclectic style, which blends various elements and periods, can be the perfect way to infuse personality into your living space. One area that offers immense potential for artistic expression and visual interest is the mantelpiece. In this blog, I will share some valuable tips on how to style your mantelpiece to ensure it sings with personality and style!

A formal drawing room marble fireplace in a Victorian home with a large antique oil painting of stormy seas. The mantlepiece is adorned with decorative plates, ceramic candleholders and earthenware jugs.
This marble fireplace displays an eclectic mix of vintage finds such as ceramic jugs, decorative plates and dried flowers

Embrace Eclectic Design

The key to achieving an eclectic home is embracing diversity and mixing different styles, eras, and textures. A home that's full of personal treasures and pieces you’ve collated or sourced from various trips, holidays or your local charity shop- these will all help in building an eclectic home. 

Start by choosing a focal point for your mantelpiece, this should be the largest item, such as a unique piece of art, a vintage mirror, or it could be a big vintage vase. Mix and match decorative objects that reflect your personal tastes and interests, such as sculptures, vases, and collected artefacts. Remember, eclectic design is all about finding harmony in contrasts, so don't be afraid to experiment with an array of textures, think ceramic candleholders, vintage folk plates and rattan baskets. 

A soft green fireplace displaying an array of decorative plates, personal photographs and dried flowers. A pair of kantha quilts from Sourced by Holly hang in front.
Amy Balfour’s beautiful green fireplace is home to an array of personal trinkets including photographs, decorative plates and books. A pair of kantha bedspreads hang in the fireplace

Layering and Balance

Layering is a fundamental technique in styling a mantelpiece. Arrange items in varying heights and depths to create visual interest. For an eclectic style, you can play with mixing textures such as glass, ceramics, woven and natural fibres, this mix match of items will create such an interesting and tactile display which is a feast for the eyes and fingers! If you have depth, try adding a fabric lampshade as a wonderful way of bringing light and additional texture to the space.

If you are struggling to create the different heights, you can use books which reflect your hobbies or passions as stacking objects.

To avoid it looking too styled, you want to layer pieces in front of others for a fuller look, don't’ be afraid if something is slightly hidden, this just adds to the allure of the display.

A blue fireplace in a panelled room showcases a section of candles, lamps and decorative baskets
An eclectic mix of African baskets are wall mounted above this mantlepiece home to near a symmetrical display of vintage pieces

Tell a Story

The mantelpiece is an excellent place to showcase your personal narrative. Display sentimental items, such as family heirlooms, travel souvenirs, or cherished photographs, to infuse your space with warmth and personal significance. I like to use vintage plates which add texture, pattern and an unusual shape to the display. Fresh flowers or potted plants bring a fresh living element to the mantlepiece and can be useful for create different heights. 

A tonal fireplace layered with ceramic pieces including a display of handmade decorative plates hung above

Polly Ferns stunning selection of homemade ceramic pieces are wall mounted and displayed upon various levels in her delightful and inspiring home 

Play with Seasonal Accents

One of the joys of an eclectic mantelpiece is its versatility. Embrace the changing seasons by incorporating seasonal accents. During spring, adorn the mantelpiece with fresh flowers or potted plants. In autumn, bring in a mix of dried leaves, pumpkins, or candles in warm hues. During the winter holidays, hang garlands, string lights, or display a collection of festive ornaments. The mantelpiece becomes a canvas for celebrating the passage of time and bringing the outside world inside your home.

A Christmas themed fireplace styled with a handprinted matchbox garland and decorative vintage pieces
A festive mantlepiece with handmade decorative garlands by Amy Balfour layered among vintage candleholders and wall mounted plates 

Designing an eclectic home allows you to embrace your individuality and create a space that reflects your unique personality. By following these styling tips for your mantelpiece, you can infuse charm, character, and a touch of artistry into your living space. Unleash your creativity and let your mantelpiece become a statement piece in your eclectic home.

A fabric lampshade placed atop a glossy bamboo lamp sits on a marble fireplace against soft pink walls. A vintage gold mirror reflects a large scenic oil painting.
Fresh flowers in a scalloped vase with a vintage sari silk lampshade both from Sourced by Holly in a beautiful soft pink living room
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