4 large golden framed oil painting sat on the mantel behind a collection of hand crafted ceramic vases

Unleash Your Creativity: The Art of Curating a Meaningful Collection for Your Home

Artwork is sometimes considered the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to decorating a room. It has the power to evoke emotions, spark creativity, and enhance the atmosphere of a space. It can be expensive and feel overwhelming but it's often the best place to start and it needn't break the bank.

An informal reception area with a collection of antique oil paintings are displayed alongside plates, jugs and vases.An informal reception area with a collection of antique oil paintings are displayed alongside plates, jugs and vases.

When I am sourcing artwork for Sourced By Holly - or for my own, personal collection of artwork, these are the few key factors I always consider:

1: Your personal connection to the piece is paramount

Building an art collection that reflects your unique taste, personality and story is a wonderful way to create a meaningful and inspiring collection for your home. Trusting your own instincts and preferences is key. When I first started buying artwork, I lacked confidence - often asking others for opinions that would shape my view. I now know, if you like it you can't go wrong. Embrace your own preferences and let your art collection be a reflection of your individuality, even if you're not quite sure why you're drawn to it again and again. A feeling can be enough. If a piece resonates with you it can serve as a fantastic springboard for other inspiring choices including designing and curating your surroundings.

two oil paintings hung amongst books and a bobbin lampshadeA portrait sourced from Vinterior sits beside a splendid crab painting from Sweden. I was drawn to the quirky portrait as we share some physical similarities!

2: Texture and Colour

Consider a child's painting of a street scene alongside one by a professional painter. The professional will use shadow and light in a way that lifts the painting off the flat surface, creating dimensions that make a painting feel atmospheric. This depth makes the scene become real with the power to transport your imagination - conjuring footsteps on cobbles, church bells tolling for example. This is something I look for when sourcing, I like the artwork to immerse me and evoke emotion. Sometimes it may be uplifting and joyous with large thick brush strokes and striking bold colours but other times it can be dark and moody, which can be wonderful in a room where you want to feel relaxed and calmed - such as a library or reading nook.

a collection of vibrant and textured portrait paintings beside a wicker log basketThe collection of artwork at Heckfield Place is exquisite. Full of warm tones, bold colours and fabulous variety, each corridor has another hidden gem. These portraits are hung in the entrance hall

3: Authenticity

I am not always buying artwork specifically for its investment potential - sometimes the pieces we love have only value to us - but I do like to know as much about the history of the piece, its origins and the creator, as I can. This helps build the personal connection I have with the piece, which is a vital consideration when buying/sourcing artwork. The pieces I curate for sourcedbyholly.co.uk are meticulously researched so I can give buyers the story of the artist and painting where possible.

4: Quality and craftsmanship

Not only does the artwork itself matter but also the frame. This is especially important given the price to reframe artwork. My home aesthetic is generally relaxed, eclectic and vibrant and I would be less inclined to buy artwork that has been newly framed in something polished and modern. I prefer my artwork to look like it has a vibrant history - this is especially true for the framing. A little chip or flaking paint on the frame would not put me off! However, be mindful of the back of the picture - always check the back! Ensure the hanging mechanisms are present and intact and make sure the back has enough strength for a new hanging system if needed. You do not want a carefully chosen piece to come clattering down and shatter.

a large golden framed oil painting sat on the mantel behind a collection of hand crafted ceramic vasesA large, boldly framed oil landscape sits above the fireplace in the guest bedroom. Its frame is slightly worn and chipped which adds to the charm of the piece

5: Mixing things up

Enjoy a variety of artwork throughout the house by thinking beyond traditional mediums and exploring more unconventional options. Art can take on many forms and materials, and there are no rules defining what qualifies as art. Incorporating fabrics, like wall hangings or textiles, can add texture, colour, and visual interest to your space. Suzanis, with their intricate patterns, textures and celebration of culture can be a unique and captivating choice. Feel free to explore different materials, styles and techniques to create a diverse and eclectic collection that reflects your individuality and tastes. Ceramic wall plates can also be so impactful and I love the elevation of useful objects to object d'arts.

a stretched vintage suzani fabric dispalated behind a console table with potted plantsA stretched cotton suzani sourced from Uzbekistan is a perfect piece for above a console table. I love the variety of colours and bold textures
A large landscape oil painted sits behind a dining table in a bright cheerful kitchenMy London kitchen housed this huge landscape sourced second hand from Ebay and became the focal point for the dining area. A collection of second hand porcelain plates sourced from Sweden hung along the beam to both disguise it and give it a decorative purpose.

Feel empowered to be brave and go for it! You can create a unique home full of character and stories. By lovingly collating pieces over time, each find will be a reminder of a moment in your life when you pass by it. Art is nostalgic and evokes thoughts and emotions. If a piece sparks something in you, add it to your growing collection, and love it as only you could.

If you are in need of a little inspiration check out my current collection of carefully curated artwork and suzanis available to buy.

Love Holly x

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